Nursery Pictures


Paco and I are not very focused on interior design. We like things to be comfortable and functional, and most frequently disagree about the amount of “stuff” around (I like less, he likes more). With Baby Flores’s nursery, I think we came to a nice happy medium.  I hope that the little guy likes it when he gets here!


We wanted a boyish room without making it too gender-specific. We did not initially intend to have a theme, but we ended up choosing lots of animal pieces so we sort of have an animal theme going. I love it!

IMG_0542 (2)

Our main goal was to create a simple, comfortable space for us and the baby to hang out at all hours. Here are a few thoughts on nursery furniture:

Crib – We opted for one with clean lines and plenty of ventilation. If he’s like his mom, he will run warm at night.

Changing table – I wanted to avoid baby-specific furniture as much as possible, so we added a changing pad to our regular dresser.

Glider – I wasn’t sure we’d need one, so I was reluctant to purchase one. However, we inherited this one from Paco’s generous colleague, and I’m so glad that we have it now.  It’s super comfortable with back support and a place to put my feet up.

Night stand with a lamp – I think this will be convenient, especially for middle-of-the-night meals.

With less than a week until my due date, I think we are pretty ready for his arrival!  I can’t wait to meet him.




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