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4th of July JELL-O Shots


Happy 4th of July! Today marks eight years since Paco and I got together. He asked me to forsake all other anniversary celebrations in favor of our wedding anniversary, so I will not wish him a happy anniversary.

Instead, in honor of our great nation’s birthday, I’ve made red and blue JELL-O shots.  JELL-O shots are really easy to make, although you do need to think a few hours ahead so that they will have time to set.

I use the 3 oz dixie cups, and fill them about halfway with JELL-O mixture. If you fill them too full they become too large to take as a shot, and you don’t want people choking on your festive adult beverages! One 3 oz package of JELL-O makes 12 shots with this recipe.

JELL-O Shots

1 c water
3 oz package of JELL-O
1 c vodka
12 dixie cups

Heat the water in the microwave for one minute. Add JELL-O powder, stir until dissolved. Add vodka, stir, and pour into cups. Refrigerate until set (four or more hours).


(Almost) Vegetarian Monday


I love meat. Obviously. Some of my favorite dishes are meatballs, steak, carnitas, and salads with bacon.

By now we all know that consuming meat is not good for the environment, so I try to do my part in balancing out the universe by eating vegetarian meals a few times a week.  On Monday, I inadvertently had an almost meat-free day.

Here’s what I had:

Breakfast – Eggs scrambled with spinach

Lunch – Broccoli Parmesan Fritters from Smitten Kitchen, with apple sauce.  The savoriness of the fritters was perfect with apple sauce.

Dinner – Portobello mushroom sandwiches and macaroni salad. The slice prosciutto on the sandwich could be omitted to make the meal vegetarian, but I really enjoy the hint of salt it brings to the sandwich.

Do you ever deliberately eat vegetarian meals?

Easy Everyday Updo 2


Another YouTube tutorial!  This updo is super quick, and works well on clean or dirty hair.  If you have really fine, straight hair like me, then it helps to add some sort of product (mousse, gel, styling cream) to clean hair before braiding it.  It’s also neat enough to wear to work, but casual enough to wear around the house or to run errands. (Unlike last week’s updo, which was more of a weekend style.)

I used Goody Spin Pins to make my bun.  These things are amazing; you can make a quick bun without bobby pins or a hair tie.