Jackson at 7 Months


The last seven months have been incredible. Jackson is learning so much, and he seems to reach a new milestone every few weeks.

3 Months

We took our first family vacation (to Maui). We rented a condo by the beach in Kihei an enjoyed lots of poke and sunshine. Jackson did not go into the ocean, but he did take a dip in the pool.


4 Months

I returned to work. Jackson gets to hang out with his nanny Elizabeth during the day. He loves her and she is teaching him so many things.


5 Months

Paco and I ventured out on our first date night since Jackson was born. For my birthday, Jackson stayed home with Grandpa while we went to omakase (yum). My birthday present from Paco and Jackson was a professional family photo shoot. It was so much fun, and it is great to have pictures with all three of us in them.

Photo credit: Carissa Woo Photography

Photo credit: Carissa Woo Photography

6 Months

Jackson went on his first road trip, to to Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Also at 6 months, Jackson could sit up on his own (using hands to balance), he could get up on all fours and scoot around (not quite crawling), and he said, “mamamama”! We also introduced him to solids at 6 months. . .he loves mango, oatmeal, green beans, carrots, pears . . . he is natural eater.


7 Months

His first tooth appeared on his 7-month birthday, which also happened to be Mother’s Day. It was a Mother’s Day miracle!  He can sit up on his own and is getting pretty good at scooting around.


Next month we are taking him to Palm Springs for the weekend. I’m excited for Jackson’s second pool adventure!


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