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Please keep your clothes on in class!


I went to a pretty crowded yoga class last night. It was not a particularly hot or sweaty class, but the room heated up due to there being 20 people in a relatively small room. Of course, one guy (that guy) decides that he can’t possibly practice with his shirt on, and has to continue shirtless while literally dripping with sweat. Gross. Keep your shirt on, people! You are about a 12 inches away from someone else. Sure, we are all taking class together, but we’re not actually your friends. We’re complete strangers who happen to be trapped in a room with (shirtless) you for 90 minutes.  Thank you.


Post-holiday recovery


Whew! I’m back from our Christmas trip to Paso Robles, CA! Rascal and I did NOT enjoy the four-hour drive. Although the conditions were optimal (no traffic, 65 degrees, and a view of the Pacific Ocean for large portions of it), that is actually only the second time I have made such a long drive by myself. I don’t mind long road trips or driving, but driving by myself is such a snore.

Since I had driven through lunch, I stopped at the Japanese market for some chirashi, which sounded like the antidote to all of the yummy, sweet, rich holiday food I’ve been eating all weekend. I fed Rascal, too, but he is too tired to even get off the couch! I’m going to let him rest while I head to the gym for some end-of-holiday-weekend yoga to mentally prepare for the week. I’m glad it’s a three-day work week!