Post-holiday recovery


Whew! I’m back from our Christmas trip to Paso Robles, CA! Rascal and I did NOT enjoy the four-hour drive. Although the conditions were optimal (no traffic, 65 degrees, and a view of the Pacific Ocean for large portions of it), that is actually only the second time I have made such a long drive by myself. I don’t mind long road trips or driving, but driving by myself is such a snore.

Since I had driven through lunch, I stopped at the Japanese market for some chirashi, which sounded like the antidote to all of the yummy, sweet, rich holiday food I’ve been eating all weekend. I fed Rascal, too, but he is too tired to even get off the couch! I’m going to let him rest while I head to the gym for some end-of-holiday-weekend yoga to mentally prepare for the week. I’m glad it’s a three-day work week!


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