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Rascal’s 9th birthday!


Tomorrow is Rascal’s unofficial 9th birthday (based on the date of birth they entered at the shelter), so we celebrated yesterday. We went to the Ocean Trails by Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes.

They have picnic tables overlooking the ocean, so Paco and I had lunch while the dogs anxiously sniffed around and waited to begin their adventure.

It was almost 80 degrees out, and we spent about an hour hiking around the (mostly paved) trails. This is an example of a trail I would not climb down. The views are spectacular.

Rascal was exhausted by the end, so he and I sat on the lawn while Paco and Lando hiked down to the water.

Paco took a quick swim while Lando sat with his new friends, three teenage girls with three chihuahuas!  Lando is such a ladies’ man.


New Year’s Day at the Huntington Dog Beach


Happy New Year!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in L.A., so after sleeping in, Paco and I took the dogs to the Huntington Dog Beach. Although we’ve been to quite a few dog-friendly beaches, we were not mentally prepared for the volume of people and dogs that would be there. (Foolish, I know, considering it was a Sunday, a holiday, and a beautiful day in January.)  We brought a blanket, food, and books, thinking that we could sit and relax, but it turned out to be more of a walk-around-with-your-dog beach, at least when it’s crowded.  This is a relatively uncrowded portion of the beach.  Look how many dogs there are!

The dogs had a great time, and it was definitely worth the 45-minute drive.  Lando loves to sniff and explore.

Rascal didn’t seem to get it at first, but by the end he was checking things out.

Afterwards, since we were already in Orange County, we ventured to Westminster for Vietnamese food, which was as Vietnamese as promised.  Two excellent firsts, what a great way to kick off 2012!