4th of July JELL-O Shots


Happy 4th of July! Today marks eight years since Paco and I got together. He asked me to forsake all other anniversary celebrations in favor of our wedding anniversary, so I will not wish him a happy anniversary.

Instead, in honor of our great nation’s birthday, I’ve made red and blue JELL-O shots.  JELL-O shots are really easy to make, although you do need to think a few hours ahead so that they will have time to set.

I use the 3 oz dixie cups, and fill them about halfway with JELL-O mixture. If you fill them too full they become too large to take as a shot, and you don’t want people choking on your festive adult beverages! One 3 oz package of JELL-O makes 12 shots with this recipe.

JELL-O Shots

1 c water
3 oz package of JELL-O
1 c vodka
12 dixie cups

Heat the water in the microwave for one minute. Add JELL-O powder, stir until dissolved. Add vodka, stir, and pour into cups. Refrigerate until set (four or more hours).


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