How do you teach an older dog to sit?


When we adopted Rascal, he was already about 9 years old. He had been attacked by a larger dog and possibly hit by car, for which he had two separate surgeries. He also had some old pelvic fractures, possibly from being abused by a previous owner.

As a result of this, he is a somewhat nervous, skittish dog.

Dog experts say that one of the best things that you can do to build confidence is teach a dog some basic commands, so that they know what type of behavior is expected of them. Whoever owned him before did not teach him any commands, not even “sit.” I have been unsuccessfully attempting to teach him to sit, but the most common method (holding a treat above his nose and moving it backwards) just leaves him standing there, confused, on all fours, while his adopted brother gets all the treats! It’s heartbreaking, really.

Any tips on how to teach a 9-year-old dog to sit?


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