First night of Hanukkah – Apple and potato latkes


I love latkes, and what better excuse to make them than Hanukkah!  Paco is “half” Jewish, so this is our main/only form of celebrating the holiday.  (I put “half” in quotes because I have heard it both ways.  Some say you are 100% Jewish if your mother is Jewish, as religion is passed through the mother. I have also been told that Judaism is an ethnicity/culture as well as a religion, in which case you can certainly be half!)

The New York Times had a recipe for apple – potato latkes, which sounded delicious to me, as I always pair latkes with apple sauce. I didn’t make the cinnamon sour cream topping, instead we just topped them with unsweetened apple sauce.

We drank Trader Joe’s holiday ale out of our fancy wedding crystal, just to be festive.

And we watched Love Actually, my favorite Christmas movie these days. It definitely felt like the holidays!



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