Flushing out toxins after massage


I am a huge fan of getting massages, and I’ve noticed that afterwards, the massage therapist usually encourages you to drink water or tea, to help eliminate the toxins that have been released into the body during the massage. While I have no idea if this is based on any sort of scientific fact, I love this idea. I have never really bought into the idea of detox diets, juice cleanses, etc., but if lying back and getting a massage contributes to the same idea, then sign me up!

Paco gave me a gift certificate to my favorite Thai massage place for Christmas, and I used it tonight.  I also drank a ton of water.  I am going to consider myself detoxified, despite all of the toxins in the wine I’ve been consuming while catching up on Teen Mom 2 tonight. We can’t live without a few toxins, right?


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