Minestra with turkey meatballs


I do not usually care for leftovers, but soup is something that I can eat for days (chili too).  So for lunch during the week, I made a big pot of Rachael Ray’s mini meatball minestra.

The only modifications that I made to her recipe were:
* I used bacon instead of pancetta
* Only one head of escarole
* Ground turkey instead of meatloaf mix

I usually add sausage or bacon to soups, so the mini meatballs are a nice change.

Maybe the heads of escarole at my market are larger than average, but one head seemed like plenty.

The turkey meat totally did not want to stay in ball form, but don’t worry.

Before you put them into the soup, drizzle a little bit of olive oil on your hands, then roll the balls between your palms. This will help you to roll the balls more easily.  See?  Mine managed to stay in ball form throughout the cooking process.

Definitely serve them with a squeeze of lemon (or if you love lemon as much as I do, half a lemon’s worth of juice per bowl), and buttered bread. Or go all out and serve with grilled cheese, as Rachael suggests.  It’s not very colorful, but it was delicious!


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