Weekend trips and visiting friends


There have been some great deals on domestic airfare lately, so I have been trying to take advantage!  One of my resolutions when I moved to Los Angeles was to make a point of keeping in touch with friends. It is far too easy to put off visits, I mean, it’s a hassle to fly anywhere, it costs money, and it’s so easy to stay in L.A. with my boys (Paco and the doggies). Plus, we generally use our travel time to take bigger/longer vacations.

Last year, we had several weddings (including our own) to attend, plus the accompanying bachelor/bachelorette parties. There were lots of built-in excuses to have mini-reunions. This year, I have a few trips planned already for the first few months. Next month I’m visiting San Francisco, then next month Washington, D.C., then in April, Santa Barbara. It’s going to be a busy spring!


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