An assortment of tiny grilled cheese sandwiches


I thought it would be fun to make a few different types of small grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. It’s just as easy to make a few different types as it is to make one. I also love making mini grilled cheese sandwiches to pair with slow-roasted tomato soup. They are perfect for dipping!

I used half of a seeded baguette, cut into 1/2-inch slices (I wish I had gone a little bit thinner), cheddar cheese, emmentaler cheese, apricot preserves, and some thinly sliced sausage.

I buttered one side of each slice of bread, then tried a few different combinations inside: cheddar and sausage, plain cheddar, emmentaler and apricot preserves, and emmentaler and sausage.

The emmentaler/apricot combination was the winner, in my opinion!


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