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Finally gave in to the comfy call of Uggs!


For the past ten years or so, I have been completely indifferent to the Uggs trend. However, my in-laws generously gave me a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday, and I decided to use it towards a pair of sweater Uggs! They arrived on Monday, and I have no idea why I’d been holding out for so long.

The thing that convinced me is that they’re designed to be worn without socks. I despise wearing socks, and I try to be in sock-free situations at all times (i.e., wearing flip flops). However, sometimes I have to walk the dogs, go to the grocery store, or go to yoga on a chilly Southern California morning/evening. (Life is hard, I know.)

I don’t usually wear shoes inside, but these were so cozy and new that I couldn’t resist.

President’s Day Weekend Project


Apparently, the rule is that when you get married and move somewhere relatively close to your parents, they give you all of the boxes that they’ve been storing for you back. Totally understandable, except you realize exactly how much crap you’ve been hanging onto! Anyway, my last box of old stuff is mostly of pictures from college and possibly high school, so my project for the weekend is to go through and pick out which ones to save. I’ve ordered two albums that hold 300 pictures each, but I think I should be able to reduce my high school/college pictures to one album. We’ll see!

Please keep your clothes on in class!


I went to a pretty crowded yoga class last night. It was not a particularly hot or sweaty class, but the room heated up due to there being 20 people in a relatively small room. Of course, one guy (that guy) decides that he can’t possibly practice with his shirt on, and has to continue shirtless while literally dripping with sweat. Gross. Keep your shirt on, people! You are about a 12 inches away from someone else. Sure, we are all taking class together, but we’re not actually your friends. We’re complete strangers who happen to be trapped in a room with (shirtless) you for 90 minutes.  Thank you.

Weekend trips and visiting friends


There have been some great deals on domestic airfare lately, so I have been trying to take advantage!  One of my resolutions when I moved to Los Angeles was to make a point of keeping in touch with friends. It is far too easy to put off visits, I mean, it’s a hassle to fly anywhere, it costs money, and it’s so easy to stay in L.A. with my boys (Paco and the doggies). Plus, we generally use our travel time to take bigger/longer vacations.

Last year, we had several weddings (including our own) to attend, plus the accompanying bachelor/bachelorette parties. There were lots of built-in excuses to have mini-reunions. This year, I have a few trips planned already for the first few months. Next month I’m visiting San Francisco, then next month Washington, D.C., then in April, Santa Barbara. It’s going to be a busy spring!

Thoughts on motherhood, reality TV style


I am addicted to MTV’s entire teen pregnancy family of shows: 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2.  Some of the moms are great, some seem WAY to immature to be parents, but all of them are growing up and parenting in their own ways, and I’m fascinated by their stories.

The dads, however, drive me crazy.  They range from totally uninvolved and clueless to really trying to be good parents, and in a few cases, are more responsible than the mother.  It’s almost shocking to watch how the girls go through physical, emotional, and psychological transformations, while some of the guys can’t tear themselves away the Xbox in their friend’s parents’ basement.

Paco hates when I watch these shows, because they stress me out so much.  I mean, why shouldn’t they, they’re about real people, right? Despite being 10-12 years older than most of the girls (I’m closer to their moms’ ages, in some cases), I identify with a lot of their struggles.  The GED is really hard!  My baby daddy won’t change diapers!  I’m not old enough to drive, how I can I take my kid to daycare?!  Theoretically, I’ve passed all of those teenaged obstacles, but won’t there just be other, equally challenging ones? Teen Mom and the We are the 99% tumblr have really fogged up my rose-colored glasses.

However, I’m trying to take a better perspective about the whole thing. Before we adopted Lando, I worried if we were responsible enough to handle a dog. As it turns out, we have given Lando (and Rascal!) an excellent home, and I suspect (hope!) that becoming parents will have the same happy ending.