Chicken rice


This is a favorite of Paco and my brother, but I don’t make it that often because of all of the steps. It has a very clean, nourishing quality to it, but the chili sauce takes it to the next level in flavor.  In a pinch, you can skip making the chili sauce and use garlic chili sriracha instead.  You can also serve it with additional sauces, such as a ginger and sesame oil blend.

I always use the recipe from Steamy Kitchen, so I won’t pretend that I have any improvements to make!  I just wanted to share that you should definitely try making it at home.

You can eat the leftovers as is, or you can transform them into a delicious chicken and rice soup. I usually add more ginger and garlic to the broth, then add the chicken, rice, and some celery to the pot.  Enjoy!


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